1-to-1 Guidance From Digital Marketing & Branding Mentors

Work 1-on-1 with our network of experienced digital marketing & branding Mentors – Xpertise helps you find the most suitable ones. Get personalised, step-by-step guidance on growing your business in the digital space.

Our Introduction
Sam Kee
Sam Kee, Facebook Marketer
Worked with ERA, OSIM, Etiqa Insurance
Jolyn Chua
Jolyn Chua, Content Marketer
Content Manager For Pages With >1M Fans
Ron Yap
Ron Yap, Instagram Growth Hacker
3k+ Followers in 3 Months, $0 Spent

May we craft you a proposal? Let's start with your industry...

Digital Marketing & Branding For Coaches And Trainers
Coaching & Training

Build your tribe with people who see value in your knowledge and expertise, and sell more of your programmes and services.

Digital Marketing & Branding For Financial Advisors And Insurance Agents
Insurance & Financial Advisory

Increase your brand's visibility, qualified leads, and revenue – all with a greater return of investment than traditional advertising methods.

Business Digital Marketing & Branding

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to improve your team's Digital Marketing & Branding? Let's see how we can help!


How It Works

  • Share About Your Digital Marketing & Branding

    We'll be listening (reading) really closely. After a thorough assessment of your situation, we make a tailored recommendation to you. From there, you can...

  • Review Our Diagnosis, Browse The Proposed Curriculum & Mentors

    On top of a Digital Marketing & Branding diagnosis, you'll also receive a tailored Mentorship Curriculum – crafted by us to help you reach your goals. 3 to 5 of our most suitable Mentors (people who will grow your business alongside you) will be recommended as well.

  • Chat, Connect, And Grow Your Business Together

    After assessing suitability with the Mentors through a Discovery Call, you can engage them through the platform and start growing your business together!

You're In Good Company

Instagram Growth
Instagram Growth

Through engaging a mentor on Xpertise, I got an in-depth analysis of my Instagram page. The mentor shared a number of strategies (that don't cost a bomb) which I can employ to grow my organic reach. Really enjoyed the engagement, and it definitely helped me to grow my Instagram account. Looking forward to more growth!

Jerry, Financial Advisor
Instagram Growth
Facebook Ads and Funnels

Working with Xpertise has been a pleasant experience. They did a great job in finding out my requirements and connecting me to the right Mentor. I'm grateful for my Mentor's patience and step-by-step guidance through the process – from ad copy to actual ad publishing. We also analysed the results of my ads togther, helping me achieve maximum results.

Angela, Sales & Career Coach
Instagram Growth
Social Media Branding

I felt that my personal brand wasn't centered & that my online network was stagnating. Some problems I had before was identifying my brand strategy & what I stood for, which affects my content creation. After engaging a mentor through Xpertise, I gained much more clarity & confidence in my Instagram branding, and was no longer feeling uncertain.

Kenny, Sales Coach

Other Important Stuff (FAQs)

How does "mentorship" work?

After our Digital Marketing & Branding diagnosis, and Mentor recommendation, our clients usually start working with a Mentor on a Starter Curriculum.

The Starter Curriculum runs over 2 to 4 weeks, with about 5 hours of Mentorship time. Rates are usually between $400 - $600, and is dependent on the Mentor chosen.

Clients then go on to work on the Full Curriculum with their Mentor, learning about and applying an entire Digital Marketing or Branding strategy together. The Full Curriculum runs over 2 to 3 months, with about 15 hours of Mentorship time. Rates are usually between $1200 - $1900, dependent on the Mentor chosen.

Who are your mentors?

We collaborate with mentors who have at least 3 years of practical Digital Marketing & Branding experience – and ideally some coaching/training experience too.

More importantly, mentors on Xpertise love sharing ideas, passing on knowledge, and guiding businesses towards growth and success.

With all the free online Marketing & Branding resources out there, why should I engage a mentor?

The abundance of information out there is precisely why having an expereienced mentor is so important! Having someone to point you in the right direction saves you dozens of hours on research and scrolling through generic information.

And as you probably already know: Information is important, but it's only half the battle. Executing well on what you've learned is equally important. Thank goodness, we've got mentors who directly coach and guide us.

What are your fees?

The platform is free to use, you're only charged when you engage a Mentor. We work on a commission basis – a 10% fee for working with a Mentor on a Starter Curriculum, and a 2% fee for a Full Curriculum.

Why can't I transact and connect with your mentors off the platform?

Well... This sucks for us a little, but you actually can.

How, then, do we justify our fees? Besides recommending suitable mentors, we value-add as a platform by resolving disputes, handling legalities (like NDAs), and de-risking Mentorship engagements for businesses as well as mentors. Here's a short deck on how.

I have feedback/questions!

Perfect! We're excited to hear from you. Drop us an e-mail here!